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Life as we know it would not exist without machines. From the simple to the complex, our modern lives rely on all sorts of machines.

Want to buy a coke and a candy bar? You will likely use a vending machine for that. Need to sew your clothes? You will likely want to use a sewing machine for this task.

Want to dry your hair? Another machine, a hair dryer will come in handy for that job. Need to dry your wet clothes? You guessed it, another machine, put them in the clothes dryer.

The modern world moves at breakneck speed, thanks in part to the machines, that help us with mundane or repetitive tasks.

Machines are everywhere, be it good or bad, we have learned to rely on them. In fact life as we know it would quickly grind to a halt, if all the machines suddenly stopped working.

There are some people that even have a fear that the machines will someday take over. But for now we are in control, dictating how and when we use our machines. - -
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